Petition to create Metis hunting zones

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The Rural Municipality of Pipestone passed a resolution and created a petition to have the Provincial Government create designated hunting zones for Metis status hunters in the province in March. They will be bringing the petition and resolution to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities at the Western District Meeting on June 22. Figures obtained from residents and the Department of Natural Resources in Virden suggest that between 70 and 80 moose, and an undetermined number of deer were taken by Metis status hunters in the farming area between Tilston and Elkhorn Manitoba during the fall and winter of 2015/16. The moose included bulls cows and calves. Those concerned say that if no action is taken, big game will be greatly reduced, and in the case of the moose population, decimated. Reeve Archie McPherson had this to say.

"They've really drastically reduced the population. They shoot bulls, cows, calves, everything, so you're losing the whole reproductive system."

The resolution requests that the hunting zones be primarily in the northern part of the province.

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